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 this is a bad idea but i dont mind as long as i am with u


Im a peot in a world just learning the alphabet

"Learning from own life's blunders is achieving EXPERIENCE, but from others life's experience is attaining INTELLIGENCE that majority of people fail to do."
~Anuj Somany
"Every man has an option i.e LIFE or WIFE; but if he wants both of his own, then his living has to have RIFE of STRIFE.”
  ~Anuj Somany

I don't get it.  I respect everyone's religious beliefs no matter what they are.  So why can't some people respect my lack of beliefs??

You held me so high and dropped me so hard.
you dont have to be their cup of tea...some people prefer coffee, chocolate or plainly water...dont overwork yourself tryna please people...
Maybe we feel empty because we leave little pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love...😑
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This quote does not exist.
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