Quotes added on Friday, October 2 2015

You are part of a machine,
you are not a human being
Man Guys, I joined WittyProfiles 5 years ago. Seems lile time has flown by since then. Its been a year since ive logged on and started typing again. I missed this site. It always managed to get me through all my hard times. I shouldve logged on sooner.❤️
"To be loved, is to be destroyed. To be loved, is the one to be destroyed."
- Jace Wayland, The Mortal Instruments
one year ago, i had two friends who were strangers to each other. then i introduced the one to the other and now i have ended up having two strangers who are friends to each other and ex-friends of mine.

why can't anyone see the evil side of you but me?
there is something really dark behind that smile

i feel nothing. i feel empty. i feel broken. i feel stressed. but most of them all, i feel pathetic for caring too much about anything.

this is not how i wanted it to feel like.
is this your way to say thank you?

is this your way to say thank you?

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