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One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Today the boys had a show in Manchester! They had one there last night as well! Then they have Monday and Tuesday off before they head to Glasgow, Scotland! 

This Day In 1D History: 

In other news it was found out that another one of the songs on the new album is called Perfect! And it was written by Harry and Louis!

Rumors: None

Links: Here's some from the boys' show tonight: 
I'm so unsatisfied with my life

                                                                              Welcome Fall!!
This quote does not exist.
You don't judge a tree by the name it Wears, you judge a tree by the fruit it Bears.-RVM ‪
You can't kill the demons inside. They're immortal. But I'm done running from them. One last stand to declare control
Cupid shot an arrow at us but my demon caught that arrow and broke it
I'm tryna fly away from my demons without leaving the ground. And my demon caught my leg.

I lay awake and thought about the girls he was kissing. I wondered if they looked like me; if they tasted the same. I thought how passion had a taste.
She's dying inside though she says she's fine but can't you tell it's a lie,
don't you see it in her dull eyes?
She told you she was down
yet you let it slip by so from then on she kept it all inside,
She told herself she was alright

But she was telling white lies
Can't you tell,
look at her dull eyes.
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