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                   ...I just don't care.

"Oddities juggling depression and loneliness,
Playing solitaire, spin the bottle,
Trying to kiss the wounded parts of ourselves and heal

But at night while the others slept,
We kept walking the tightrope

It was practice,
And yeah,

Some of us fell..."

~Shane Koyczan
"Maybe you used to bring bruises and broken teeth to show-and-tell,
But never told because
How can you hold your ground...
...if everyone around you wants to bury you beneath it?"

~Shane Koyczan
Forever only meant never
I lay here thinking how wrong could one person be
How much hurt can one heart take
Mistake after mistake nothing seems right
I fight my battles with a smile that's holding it all back
My eyes are heavy with the pain I bottle up
Endless nights wondering what I did
How could someone go so wrong
My mistake was trusting you because to you forever meant never
I built myself up only to let it all be torn back down
My heart is shattered like a broken mirror
I pick up the pieces placing them back together
It only makes it harder when all I see is the past
Staring back at me
The cut on my finger from the broken pieces
Doesn't come close to the pain you caused my heart
Cuz for you forever only meant never
What I was wasn't what you wanted
I wasn't enough
But none of that matters right
Because to you forever only meant never

a poem i wrote one night during a tough time!! Credits to me
It's kind of scray when you realise that once your parents put you down and never picked you back up again.

We're all misguided ghosts.
I feel too, you know. It's something I always do. Sometimes I can't show it, but I promise i do.

I'm seventeen years old now, and I'm doing just fine. I'm obsessed with love, but I know now isn't my time. Because it's nearing the end of my junior year, and I still don't know what I want from here. The problem is I'm good with books, but that's about the end of it. Yes, I have friends, four I can talk to, but none I can cry to. I guess I could bare it all out for them to see, but I'm waiting for the day when I meet someone who's not just going to leave me. Friends, I've seen them come and go. So I've made it a habit to never latch on. I know it's probably not healthy, to keep all these bursting feelings and thoughts inside of me. I don't know why I do it. No that's a lie, I know exactly why I do it. I can't trust. And the silly thing is no one has ever taught me not to. I just taught myself. After seeing all the things I can keep to myself, I thought of all sorts of things my own family or friends could be keeping from me. Because this is real life. I'm not the narrator or author here. Things don't go my way, and I don't know the ins and outs. I don't know everyone's motives and I can't hear everyone's hushed whispers. I could easily overlook the side glances and hints. Because I'm another protagonist here. I also whisper, I also keep things quiet, I hurt in silence just as loudly. So that's where I stand today. At seventeen, nearing the end of my schooling days. I go to school to learn, and catch up with friends who don't know the least bit about me, since I'm afraid of trusting and getting hurt.

We celebrate the Birthday of the Body. But, in reality, "We" are not the Body. We are the Soul, the Atman. Therefore, Celebrate every day, as We are Immortal.
I feel so bipolar. High one second down the next. One minute I'm excited about the future, the next I don't see the point. It erks me and makes me so mad that I can flip the switch so quickly. It's awful being so hopefully one night, then the morning comes, you don't want to wake up. It's something I'd never wish on my worst enemy. It takes everything I have inside of me, and just when I cave, the switch has flipped, and I'm happy again. When things are going great agin, flippity flip, everything turns to shît.

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