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I know I fall to easy, It's because no one has caught me the way you did.
If it wasn't so cliche, I'd ask you to stay with me just so I can keep you safe.

The First Stanza: Monday
- - -
It was another day and the clock bleared 4:53;

So I opened my blinds a crack

Sitting within myself I observed the blue by my bedside, hiding

From what I knew, I was okay;

Though, I don't know how much of me I convinced

Breaking my back just
to know your name.
Music is the way people expresses themselves

Watch me poor my heart out,
and you not answer. 

  “Good material composition alone doesn’t give protection to a metal from corrosion, it also needs prevention from the aggressive media in an environment; similarly good parenting alone doesn’t make a child a responsible citizen for he/she needs to be equally safeguarded from the vitiated surroundings.”
~Anuj Somany
"I wish I'd partied a little less. People always say 'be true to yourself.' But that's misleading, because there are two selves. There's your short term self, and there's your long term self. And if you're only true to your short term self, your long term self slowly decays."
 He’d never be accepted completely, of course. A bitter smile curved his lips at the idea. He knew better than to hope for that. There would never be a place where he could belong completely, where he could truly be himself. Unless he chose to belong to th "
Stefan Salvatore, The Awakening, Chapter 01, p.7
Ang tao hindi yan piso na kapag nagkulang ka sa pamasahe, tsaka mo lang, PAPAHALAGAHAN!    
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