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i don't pay attention to the
world ending.
it has ended for me
many times
and began again in the morning
One Direction Update

Hey guys! Hope you are all having a great start to your week! Today was a day off for the boys. They've been in Ireland lately. Dublin yesterday and Belfast tomorrow!

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys' next show is in Belfast, Northern Ireland at Odyssey Arena! They only have 3 cities left until the tour is over!

This Day In 1D History: 

No rumors or links.
pfft, how much of a ho am I?
how much of a ho am I? well
let's just say that if I was a:
sandwich, I'd be a hoagie.
chip, I'd be a nacho dorit-ho.
fruit, I'd be a mang-ho.
cookie, I'd be an ore-ho.
starch, I'd be a potat-ho.
meat, I'd be pepperhoni.
fair food, I'd be a churrho.
mexican staple, I'd be a tac-ho.
beverage, I'd be hoda.
that is how much of a ho I am.
It's hard to not miss somebody when you can type their name in a search engine and find so many pictures...so many stories...so...many...memories...
The kids in this generation are either amazing people, or complete lowlifes.
It's 3 in the morning
I haven't slept yet
I'm terrified of sleep tonight
I fear what the demons in my dreams will bring
I'm scared of what might happen
Fear of the unknown cripples me
It shakes me to the core
And I was already lost

It's 3 in the morning
I do not wish to sleep tonight
My eyes are wide open
I'm not even sleepy
There's lots to be done tomorrow
But I'm not even sure I'll still be here then
The tide might come and catch me away
The crimson rivertides of death

It's 3 in the morning
I've got a plan in place
I have the weapon, I have the means
But I've always been horrible with timing
I don't wish to fail this tonight
I've failed many times before
But will I go through with the attempt?
Or will I fight back with strength I don't even have...
It's 3:15 in the morning
The plan was set in place
A battle - no - a war rages on
Inside my mind of many lies
Everything has gotten foggy
I can't see but an inch in front of me
The fading whisper tells me to fight for myself
But how can you fight when you're blind

It's 3:25 in the morning
Time seems to be moving more slowly
My wounds from failed defences are gushing
I'm starting to lose consciousness
But all the while, on the outside I stare at my screen
Eyes open wide because I'm not sleepy
Faking the smile over the internet
While my mind is a battleground
And I am losing
"I can’t go on
Deflate the air from both of my lungs
I’ll be gone
Long before daylight shows its face"
"The forecast calls for fire
Flames sound nice today"

"I left a note on your bed
I don’t recall what it said
It's something like
'I'm completely miserable
And I'm better off dead' "

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