Quotes added on Sunday, October 25 2015

I need a best friend. Someone that actually wants a genuine bestie. Someone that will go on roadtrips with me. Someone that will go on adventures with me. I want to see America, I want to see the world. I want to go to hawaii and cliff dive, and I want a "ride or die" beside me. I just.. I need a best friend.
"The best find is that it is not the people with the mind but the FOOLS who make fun of a person with a soulful heart;
because if they had a brain in their head, then it would rather and better train them to differentiate between the right and the wrong to know who is truly good to them on one’s part."

~Anuj Somany
Behind your silence something good surprising or only duces??
I feel like I'm a nobody to you now and its killing me!!
have you ever been so in love with someone that you physically cannot take it anymore, that the mere thought of them makes you smile for hours, that their absence eats you alive?

I would rather make a difference in someone's world than the world.
life is too short to talk about
something that makes sense


Better if i would have been a rock
And waves to beat in the head that doesn't hurt me
Maybe more better, it would be if i would have been a mountain
The sun with the rays, to tear the white shirt
Even more better, it would be if i would have been a tree
with fruits and green leaf 
that never not fall
Better yet it would be if i would have been a song 
Sounds and grade to planted in every place
But i know
Darling, I have a liability 
Forever with you
In the east; west
No i can't be
Nor rock, nor mountain, nor tree
Just a human, for you i'll be
Because you're the motive of my life
Already for you will live...
You make me sleep
Without thoughts
Only you
I dream
If i would have been, a piece of cold sky
In your heart i would came remaining warm
Even a star i would have been with the lights of sun on eyes 
All of my light i would gave you  
My first love started with this song, continued with this song and ended with this song. The loves leave and come but this song remains the symboll of love for so many years !!!
The first remains always the first ♥



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