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Shame on the men who look down on their kids.

 its all a nightmare and you cant wake up 

The coldest building you will ever step into.
I wasn't happy so we ended it.
I'm still not happy, and I miss you.
We made so many plans for the future
I'm sorry I wasn't happy, but i want to be now.
 Understand that if you're cold I'll keep you warm
And besides, there's so much beauty in a storm
"There are various means for a person to know what people think or talk about him in his back, but all sum up to mean only one word called INTROSPECTION."
~Anuj Somany

I talk rudely to you and then in a few minutes I begin to feel guilty. That's how my love is for you. I hurt you and then I hurt myself more.

I never knew how much my
ex messed me up. until today.
my mom looked outside and
said "that better not be ryan."
just the possibility terrified me.
my heart was racing. it turned
out to be him. and I'm scared.
him showing up at my house
to mess with me, is scary.

Nothingness hiding in the shadows
Dreams replacing delusion
Wind Rain Lightening Storm raging beauty
Mind seeing beyond the real
Dreams hide from Nightmares
Faith beyond deceptions
Peace dispels Despair
Spiritual inner peace returning
Fear turns to wonder
Strength learned from pain
Love embraces Hate
Heart palpitations at a thought
Me You once us
Tears stalk without mercy
Now alone
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