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Legend has it that if you look into her eyes, you will feel in that moment that your step towards life is worthwhile ...Sounds good right? Well, I have to say that time passes and life goes on and that is where the trap is, the trick ...the screw up. Or you stick a bullet and die happily or you go on living, but dying to tell. ahem ahem...The trick is still there ...With a little luck it repeats itself and if you have better luck it happens every day

Many times my gaurd has been puttin up, but it gets torn down and a big huge war goes through it, and leaves only a peice of me left over, we have the strenth to rise back up to rebuild that wall but guys/girls sometimes end up breaking it back down, never give up, you will find that one and only, your other half, put your head up and walk on. (strut that stuff lol ) :)))
Yesterday feels like a really good dream 😁

Love cant happen that quickly, can it? But the word is thrown around carelessly before we can even be sure of what we are saying

ME: *posts on facebook*
ME: ah nobody cares what I post
ME: *gets more than 15 likes*
E: omg omg people do cares!
ME: wait maybe my fb is drunk...
E: or maybe my fb friends are being abducted by aliens and now the aliens are using their accounts!!!
The reason I'm so distant is because I feel left out and forgotten...
Your chances of survival are about one in a thousand! So here’s what you do, you forget about the thousand and concentrate on the one. - Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, Doctor Who
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theres only so much someone can take until thir body just shuts down and their mind gives up
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