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These arthdays, of wondeand miracleHalf stoned half drunk, I really can't feel it thoughStarted confused and endeup spiritualNow everything's different, my world has gone upside downAlof this distancedon't knowhaI'talking aboutMy friend's think I lost itAnd so betweeme anyou, I'telling the truthI think the government is lying, to me and to youAnd that'a d@mn shame(d@mn shame)CausI'on mushroomsMushroomsI guess I don'feel itAll the mushroomsAnd now I'm floatinin thoceanwith no sign olandLost out at sea, finding out who I am(I amyself)

First you Yearn to Earn. Then you Learn that others will Burn what you Earn. Stop! Turn and Spend before your End. -RVM

  Don't wait for the 
                        perfect moment,
                                    TAKE  THE  MOMENT  AND   
          make it    perfect. 

If you're not paying my bills..
Don't worry about what I'm doing.
If you do pay a bill or two you're only
allowed to worry about what you pay.
(ex. You pay the cable bill.. You can
ask me what I'm watching.)
As soon as you fall back they crawl back,
just remember that every missed call
doesn't deserve a call back
It doesn't really hurts me much whn my parents yells or says something bad.But whn u got siblings who are always trying to bring u down always upto making u feel worthless in front of others always calling u a loser is what hurts me the most. I mean like who the hell gave u the right to always make ur younger sibling feel miserable about herself. Siblings shud be the ones to bring confidence and uplift their other siblings and not let them feel bad about themselves .____.
student: sir. you made a mistake there
teacher: no one is perfect
teacher: your answer is wrong
student: no one is perfect sir
teacher: practice make perfect
How To Attarct People-

step one : be Emma Watson

It's better to be alone
 than to be with someone who can't see who you are.
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I would die for you. 
But I won't live for you.

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