Quotes added on Saturday, October 31 2015

I guess I'm alone again tonight...
i should be crying over my boyfriend breaking up with me,
not because he died.
i love you always
Have you got room in your life for a woman like me? Who's only ever elated or cranky? Have you got any room in your life for a woman like me? Who struggles with her bipolar tendencies, has a bad habit of making sad comparisons and has become expertly good with hiding her feelings? So have you got any room in your life for someone like me? Who will accept you and all your darkest worries and regrets? Who'll love you unconditionally and try her best to be make you laugh when you want to cry and calm you down when you're afraid. I'll make room in my life for a man like you, but only if you have enough room for a woman like me.

You think I'm doing this to make you jealous?
And I know that you hate to hear this;
But this is not about you anymore.

I see a guy posting something on fb about a girl's physical appearance. That girl could be me. That girl could be anyone. The thing is has this guy ever looked himself in the mirror? I don't think he has. But do i state my opinion in front of his face ? No, it's my opinion and it's not polite.

Connexion is lost...

           ...but all is not lost.

I tend to believe in luck because i don't usually have it.
I don't like feeling so lost...
...help me find my way

If you think you know me, think again

One by one

My eye lashes flutter
to beat away memories
Tears coursing down my cheeks
The we of I sees the little one so long ago
Her hiding so she would not be found
Betrayed by those who should have known
Wind rain storm lightening raging
The cliff walls crumbled
to form the sills of hell
The prisoner freed her tears
replaced with smiles
One by one the we of I
vanish away
leaving only her
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