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Everyone wants,
Nobody wants,
But you can't have a 
without a little
Just shut up and climb the mountain.
Everything is hard,
But with time and work who knows what's possible.
True friends back you up when fake friends talk bullshit about you.

.........../--)........./.../......./....(__ ____..........((_ I___)▓..........((_ I___)▓..........((_ I___)---.___((_I__ )

Do you ever meet that one person, then your whole perspective on life just changes? Like the curtains are pulled back, the depression dies, and all you can think about is...
I know I shouldn't tell you
But I just can't stop thinking of you
Wherever you are
If you're talking to a guy that you really like
But you've never met
And he is talking to so many other girls besides you, because you aren't dating
But he says you are 'winning' over the other girls
and you don't know if you should continue to play his game
what would you do?
Roses black hollow meaningless.
In tears he falls he is not him.
Each pedal a scorn a whisper.
sometimes people forget that when you have a hole in your heart, 
patching it up won't do anything the fill it.

Girls are real superheroes ,because who else couldbleed for 5 days and notdie ? ^ Respect. _/\_ :')- Copied.#Little

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