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Sometimes I feel like I hate my body, but other times I wouldn't trade it for the world

She hates that she's gotta have it...as she fills her glass up. She'd love to kill that bottle, but all she can think about is a better life, a second chance, and everyone she's letting down. She throws that bottle down. Here's to the strong; thanks to the brave. Don't give up hope...some people change. Against all odds, against the grain, Love finds a way...some people change.


Oop. Just fell down the stairs. I think my foot is swollen 
I just woke up... Apparently I have dancer's fracture. (it's the 5th metatarsal) Good thing is that I can dance again but it's gonna be a while! Did you know it's different from a Jones fracture because, it's  when a bone breaks nearer the ankle, while a Dancer's Fracture is when a tendon pulls a piece of bone away from the rest of the bone. (An Avulsion Fracture)
the little girl just could not sleep
because her thoughts were way too
deep her mind had gone out for a stroll
and fallen down the rabbit hole

Every moment of Life is a Challenge to Choose. Some Win, some Lose. -RVM
Baby, I'm perfect for you.

"before you held my hand for the first time, you whispered 'is this okay?'
before you kissed me for the first time, you whispered 'is this okay?'
before you slipped your hand up my blouse for the first time, you whispered 'is this okay?'
but when you left, you didn't say a word." (nm)


"Your as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
Your as sweet as strawberry wine
Your as warm as a glass of brandy
And I stay stoned on your love all the time ."
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