Quotes added on Saturday, November 14 2015

Am I alive or just a ghost?
Haunted by my sorrows...

i hope you get flat tires every week.
i hope you spill food on your clothes.
i hope you fail your classes. i hope it rains and you can't put up your car windows.
i hope you and her fight again.
i hope you get your feelings played with. again. i hope everyday is a bad day for you.
i hope you run out of money. i hope your phone breaks.
i hope every apology you get is as dry and insincere as your heart.
i hope everyone lies to you. i hope your car doesn't start up.
i hope your friends leave you. i hope you have bad luck everywhere you go.
i hope you hurt. i hope she doesn't love you. 
i hope you get what you deserve. i hope you're hated.
i hope you can't sleep at night. i hope you ruin everything you've ever had.

i hope you know i hate your guts. 

Never worry about the past, it brings tears. Dont think too much about the future, it brings fears. Live in the present moment with a smile, it brings cheers.

can't wait for the day that you're never around
when that face isn't here and you rot underground

Life is better if you just enjoy the small moments that people uaually overlook
I am perfectly broken...
It's so loud inside my head with words that I should have said...
So much to tell you...
          ...and most of all Goodbye...
I am not perfect. Are you? Let us accept the fact that nobody is perfect. Let us learn to accept our imperfections as well as those of others. -RVM 
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