Quotes added on Wednesday, November 18 2015

Needles and tears, dry eyes and mouth
Will the med cycle stop?
Will my body cooperate?
Will my mind ever be at ease?
New love can't find its way
Dreams I dare not dream
Without a light
Watching so carefully

Your skin is warm like an oven,
your kiss is sugary-sweet.
Your fingers feel like cotton
when you put your arms around me.

I feel like I'm just missin'
something whenever you leave.
We've got all the ingredients
except you lovin' me.

Some people are so pathetic, that they come into are life for instance, lifts u to cloud nine, and then again, abruptly throws down back into square one. They seem not to know how much one take it by heart, and more importantly, how humorous they feel in front of the entire world. 
I believe the Captain's incidence for once was horrific, pretending to be thrown out... And then again 2dy when your school's best orator gets no stand... Had been waiting for the Yule to hit back and for my chance to lift the trophy this yr, succumbing to the last yr's third position. But it seems that the third-best speaker is ignored...
And it's hard to forget someone;

that you know you'll always remember..
To be A True Truthseeker

You Must Doubt As Far As Possible

All Things. 

These days, i feel like i've finally gotten closer to understanding the meaning
of this weird, sad feeling
in my cheast; the calm but slightly grey sky that,
instead of bringing me peace- for it's as silent and safe as a sunday morning- disturbs me 
It's the void, a feeling of nothing,
of being completley empty, like im slowly fading away,
each day that passes by. 

I might kms if I hear Hotline Bling one more time.
"Wrong number," says a familiar voice.

Why are you in my selfie?

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