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Is it not
possible that
God created

I survived my junior year.

He's crying down the phone, saying "Baby please don't go, I need you." She holds back a shout, remembering everything he didn't do. But then it hits her, like a stone cold slap, when he cheated and never even called her back. When she was crying and he didn't answer, when she fell apart and to another girl he went after. But now he's crying down the phone, saying "Baby please don't go, I need you." Her lips are trembling scared and are oh so lonely, and she knows that she shouldn't but she misses her baby. This is how their story goes.

I can't help it. I like the way you walk away. I can't help it if I like my own company better than yours. Intentionally lonesome or outcasted, you can decide. But after all, into this world we entered alone, and the same way we all die.

How to get someone to reply back to your text 90% of the time

"Hey B*tch"

"Let's have a toast - a celebration - get a glass out!
And we can do this until we pass out!"

I'm at the point where I feel a great deal of empathy
towards people who drop/spill their food.

I'm the best artists anyone has ever seen

It's a Ghost.

"Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death"
- Omar N. Bradley

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