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It's so cold in here...
The door opened. There was a light. I saw the blood and matted hair on my hands for a second; then it dimmed again. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs it was cold the stairs were made of wood in the squeaky one at the bottom loaded meets when he was here eleven, twelve, squeak thirteen."Get up!" he snarled I remain seated....he got mad he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door. my dull grey rags of clothes swished behind me I began to cry I did not want it to happen again you push me into a darker room. " Hello sweethart" The voice said I felt a pain in my neck and passed out.when I woke up, I was back in the cellar I started to pack of ground to the sharp object I had hidden."ouch" I said Found it, my name is Evlin, I've been trapped down here I don't know how I've been kidnapped from my home is missouri. But now, soon, not anymore.today I'm going to escape! " Get up" he snarls they always have a new one come and get me this is my third escape attempt but I know this time it will work the guard grabbed my arm and I dug the glass into his arm real deep, then pulled it out and hit his lungs with it in pulled it out again. He Rasps something illegible. I nearly slipped on his blood running up the stairs. I kick the door open and got to breathe in the night air. Then two more guards come after me I kick one in his round gut the jab the sharp object in his skull he died instantly the next one was fairly skinny, object between his eyes he took a minute to die."Hello sweethart you enjoy the celler?" The voice ask I took a step forward to staring beady eyed man in the face." Hello satin " I say coldly. Then I ran at him. I ran into him full force in him to fall back I grabbed his arm. " You have no idea how long I've wanted to see this look of fear on your face, I'm going to enjoy this moment " I pull him foreward forcing him to the ground and stab him repeatly then I hear sirens of police cars and rise from the pool of blood around me and run. Evlin landly. Dangerous mental patient has escaped Hospital incarceration for serial crime. Is extermly dangerous if seen call police immediately do not attempt contact at anytime

just like an atomic bomb my heart will explode I had you in my palm now i just have you in this note Lost in the deep blue ocean

Anong mas pipiliin mo?
A : babaeng boyish, madaldal, makulet,maingay, hindi kagandahan, ung tipo ng babaeng nakakainis, pero kakaiba at minsan hinahanap hanap mo.
B: babaeng conservative, tahimik, simple lang.
Cute, Babae na madalas type ng mga lalake.
C: babae na sobrang ganda, sexy&wild, mahilig sa g-mik, in short “hot” .ung tipong pinapangarap ng kalalakihan.
D : babaeng ubod ng sunget ni hindi mo magawang lapitan, nakakatakot ligawan, pero napakaganda.
wen i luv, i nvr luk @ d odds, i nvr doubt, i deny d fcts & over luk d mistakes.. ol dis i knw r deeds of a fool.. but was it really my fault? nainluv lang ako dude!

bkit mnhal kta agad pro npkahirap sau n mahalin ako? bkit p ako nhulog sau kung d pla tyo tadhana at s lahat ng BAKIT, bkit merong IKAW at AKO, pero walang TAYO??...  
kpg nhurt k, wg k susuko.. kpg ntkot k, wg k mgtago, kpg ndapa k m22 kng 2myo. di dhl i dnt care 4 u, labs nga kita e! kya gus2 ko kht wla n ko, u cn stand on ur own

IT HAPPENED SLOW at first, small arguments here and there, sleeping in opposite directions, waking up on far ends of the bed. But that was only the beginning. Soon came the forced laughter, the half smiles, the two of us speaking in a language of blinding white lies. Our secrets became a starless blanket of night between us. Then came the late nights, the numberless texts, the excuses, the false promises, her lipstick on my teeth, his cologne on your skin. In the end, what you and I shared was not a relationship at all but an awful, prolonged goodbye. The two of us, for whatever reason, were both too terrified to take the final leap, to find the courage to say “It's time”.


SCREAM IT WITH ME: You are allowed to miss him. You are allowed to miss her. You cannot be expected to find each bobby pin she hid behind the couch or toss every sweater he left at your house. Some things are supposed to be dwelt upon. And the same way a shell remembers the sound of the ocean so too will your heart remember their sleepy voiced ‘good mornings’. You are not required to rush the immense task of moving on just because your folks are worried or your friends are tired or your ex has been sleeping with damn near the entire city. This is your process, you set the pace. So change the pillowcases and change the sheets. Know that your strength is not defined by the number of days it takes you to remove them from memory. Because mending a broken heart is not surgery, or even a matter of forgetting. Your heart is a garden— you must leave the dead roses in the soil so others may grow again.


       i will never
                                 u n d e r s t a n d   w h y   y o u   h e l d   m e       [x][x][x][x]

          » IF YOU WERE AFRAID

          {oF  waRmTH.
                                                 You Should Have Known I Was a Fire — Rupi Kaur

I don't know what living a balanced life feels like
When I am sad
I don't cry, I pour
When I am happy
I don't smile, I beam
When I am angry
I don't yell, I burn
The good thing about
feeling in extremes
is when I love
I give them wings
but perhaps
that isn't
such a good thing
cause they always
tend to leave and
you should see me
when my heart is broken
I don't grieve
I shatter.

– Rupi Kaur

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