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Maybe we'll meet again one day. Maybe one day we'll be right for each other and it won't be so hard for you to love me.
I really hope that one day we'll reconnect because no one has ever caught my heart in quite the same way.

But that day isn't today. Today we don't quite work out and as much as I care for you, I can't keep pretending that we do.
So I'm saying goodbye. But maybe one day, I won't have to.

(god I'm going to miss you)

To heal a wound you need to

stotouching it.

Sometimes we fall down because there is
something down there we're supposed to find.

How can you get what you want if you do not know what you are seeking? -RVM ‪#‎Inspiration‬ ‪#‎Stayinspired‬

maybe the only way to to live in this world
is to, every day, tell yourself a lie—a harmless lie.

to say,
 i will not die.

DID YOU THINK I WAS a city big enough for a weekend getaway? I am the town surrounding it, the one you've never heard of but always pass through. There are no neon lights here, no skyscrapers or statues, but there is thunder, for I make bridges tremble. I am not street meat, I am homemade jam thick enough to cut the sweetest thing your lips will touch. I am not police sirens, I am the crackle in a fireplace; I'd burn you and you wouldn't take your eyes off me cause I'd look so beautiful doing it you'd blush. I am not a hotel room, I am home. I am not the whiskey you want, I am the water you need. Don't come here with expectations and try to make a vacation out of me.


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  The universe took its time on you, crafted you precisely so you could offer the world something distinct from everyone else, so when you doubt how you were created you doubt an energy greater than us both.

      There is nothing more painful than grieving someone who is 

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