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Happiness does not come from making money. It comes from spending it. Most people are doing otherwise. -RVM 
"Seasons change, people change, and so do feelings. Just remember that change isn't always bad."

in a betrayal of the heart a cruel taskmaster she longed for a friend the destroyer of dreams someone who understood cries to God why me someone who could make her happy passion turned to slavery despair share her dreams consuming the dreams bring passion into her life destroying faith searching deceiving in all the wrong places preying where nice men hide in the dark but not good men

To die by your side is such
             a heavenly way to die.


All It Takes A Beautiful Fake Smile To Hide An Injured Soul And They Will Never Notice How Broken You Really Are.
Harness the power of making healthy food and healthy thoughts a priority, and experience how it can be the FINAL tipping point in achieving the healthy life you desire.”roy jenoh

       I have hella feelings for

       you. I acT LIKe
                          I   d o n ' t   f x c k i n g   c a r e ,   ' c a u s e   I ' m   so  ||||||♥   



you break up with
more than just a person when they leave. Parks, coffee shops, songs, all the favorite foods you used to eat; look old birthday gifts and t-shirts in the face to tell them that it's over; move around furniture, buy new bed sheets, stop visiting the places that make your stomach spin as quick as rides at the carnival (now you're thinking about the carnival you went to on your third date — now you have to change your metaphors). You don't just break up with a person, you let go of every second you spent wherever and however you spent it as you made the mistake of letting yourself fall in love with them.

You are snakeskin
and I keep shedding you somehow
My mind is forgetting
every exquisite detail of your face

The way your fingers used to
light fire under my skin
is slipping me

The letting go has
become the
which is the
most pleasant
or saddest thing
to have happened

– Rupi Kaur

It felt like you threw
 m e    s o    f a r    f r o m   m y -      s e l f ,               ♥||||||||||||||||||||||||||

my way BacK.


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