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you see, the smile that's on my mouth, 

it's hiding the words that don't come out  

and  all  of  my  friends  who  think  that  

i'm blessed, 
they don't know my head is a

no,  they  don't  know  who  i  really 

am and 
they don't know what i've been

like  you  do  and  i  was  made  

for  you.


What do you mean?

When you nod your head yes

But you wanna say no

What do you mean?


Parrot plucked out her feathers because nothing she spoke got them to hear her spite at being plucked out of the sky.

Piranha pierced the aquarium he had outgrown years ago, dived, dried, and died, because he meant to move again, no matter the risk.

Please be careful with me. Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why. I’m sorry.
It’s amazing how words can do that, just shred your insides apart.
You never apologized to me for hurting me, but I apologized to you 12 times for being angry about it.
She built up a world of magic
Because her real life was tragic.

 you know what sucks?  

Trying so hard to be good enough for the people around you. Wearing yourself down just to make those people proud–happy. And that sucks, because you’re not even doing it for yourself anymore. You’re doing it for them, and that’s just not fair.

I may have your heart,
but she has your body.

the spark inside

your eyes was

just the match

iused to set

myself on fire.


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