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How could I be so stupid to think that a guy like you would ever like a girl like me?

One Direction Update

Hey everyone! Sorry these updates haven't been as often as before. I am always pretty busy and since the boys aren't touring I figure we can just catch up with info as much as possible. Anyway, today nothing interesting really happened. Harry went golfing and Niall was seen hanging out with Selena Gomez.

If you didn't know, yesterday the boys performed at the Jingle Ball in LA! Katie attended! So if she wants to feel free to share your experience pal!

This Day In 1D History: http://thisdayin1dhistory.tumblr.com/post/134584082990/this-day-in-1d-history-december-5

Rumors: None 

Links: Full Late Late Show from the other day: https://t.co/i6xDM2MHsz
The boys performing Drag Me Down at the Jingle Ball yesterday: https://t.co/6lW3OurvpC
The boys backstage at the Jingle Ball: https://twitter.com/1DScoop/status/673006376617181184
It must be possible 
for something to 
come from nothing. 
Otherwise, there 
would still be 

 "When a company has a diversified business interests, it is branded as a MULTIFACETED organisation;
but if a professional has an experience in different products and/or fields, then he is subjected to a lot of baseless questioning and why people not consider him a
~Anuj Somany

my self confidence in nonexistent rn
I miss the person I could've been.

They called us all romantics. They should have called us sick, they could have called us dying. Instead they called us lovely as we bled from our own wounds. They handled us a bottle, they pointed us to bathrooms. They gave us all a blade, and swore that we were fine. 

We called ourselves romantics, and swore that we were such. There was beauty in the dying, that thing for which we were trying. We hid away our smiles and showed each other scars. They handed us a tray, we dined on blood and pills. They gave us all they could, as we smile tooth and grin, and swore ourselves not fine. 

We called them all romantics, as they lived their happy lives. They asked if we were sick, we promised we weren't dying. We hid behind our smiles, locked away our lies. They gave us all their sympathy, we fed them fear and pain. They gave us all their love, we gave them our false fine. 


We told them of our romantics, they called us sick and dying. They sought to see true smiles, and asked to see our wounds. They give us still their love, we lent them all our aches. We broke their pretty hearts as they fed us prescription pulls, promising with each milligram a new dosage a health mind, a world in which everything is fine. 

They warned against romantics, and sneered them left and rigt. They didn't see the sickness, the dying or the fight. They whispered of their fraud, and blamed the children for this war. They pinned it on the inform, the scared and the ill, secretly dying to he made well. They didn't understand the struggle of those who had to lie to say that they were fine, and perhaps they never will. 

-the age of romantics 


 bunever oyou.

This quote does not exist.
I keep telling myself to move on, to stop crying, to tell myself "I hate you for making me love you". But i cant sleep with out seeing you in my dreams. I cant make it through the day without crying about the thoughts that go through my head. I see you are happy now, and im sorry i cant let go, I just wish it didnt hurt so much.
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