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This is a big world,
And that was a small town.
In My review mirror,
It's disappearing now.


MiDnight. Come and pick me up— no headlights.


I hang on every word you say, yay.
When you're young, you just run. But you come back to what you need.
First, know where you want to go. Then, go where you want to go. You are your own pilot and you can choose your Destination.-RVM
I know his qualities and his flaws and every detail of his face, I know all of the callus of his hands and I know the path that his feet have traveled. He is not a character in a book, his hair is not always a messy in a beautiful way and he don't treat me as if I were made ​​of precious stones, sometimes he say things without thinking and leaves me with unexplained chest pain. He don't know, but I wake up two hours early to do my hair and pick the best outfit, and all just for him. He also don't know, but my favorite songs are just my favorite songs because they remind me of him. I feel complete by his side, even when he hurt me and leave me in the deep end with nothing left, I want to be looking at him, even bleeding to death. At night when I lay my head on the pillow I think if he are good and what is he doing, and if he is thinking or feeling this way about me too, i'm even a person of an unshaken faith, but I pray and infinitely hope, I beg for an God, to make his heart beat in peace. Hold his hands makes even the coldest places of my soul catch fire, look in his eyes makes me want to live forever, even in this horrible world, I bear anything just to be able to look in his eyes for eternity, when I make him smile my all world stop, I just stop listening to everything around me and not even a single problem comes my mind. He broke all my walls and SHOOK all my dreams since the first time I looked at him.


this is a fight for love
luokst, hate, desire*
{ oh }   your touch, so bittersweet

His tongue is a liar of the sweetest variety, and when he speaks it is in sonnets and poems, in metaphors, haikus, and in love letters to the world. His voice is an analogy for all the things I have ever desired, for the lüst felt in the darkness of night beneath silk and satin, black as a star once lived and now gone and rich as the ruby he rings at my throat. His smile is in remembrance to days of old now passed, belonging to a time of kings and queens when gods walked the Earth. With eyes like deepest imaginable Hell and as lovely as the gates to Heaven stand, he was a contradiction, an impossibility that my heart cannot puzzle out and my mind may never forget.

-i was in love before I ever met you.

remember when this format was really over-used?

Hashtag bringing it back~



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