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And if I can't wish away your pain
I will gladly suffer through it with you
Do you want to make your Life exciting? Then find a purpose that will make you jump out of bed each day with Enthusiasm, Power and Excitement.-RVM 
Incremental divisions
of pre-separated sonic rations affixed to the preliminary inculcation of new or renewed perceptual vectors comprise two parts exocentric q-substance and one part residue. Assigned stochastically equal output levels, all channels produced aesthetically similar granularity over sufficiently large sample sets.

Intentionally obscured stratagems
sincerely beleaguered credulity once examined in the point-light of naïve scrutiny. Team Orange-Five succeeded on day 880 in producing demonstrably willful awareness in the cloud subject as confirmed by follow-task tests in each of six separate gravity-isolated sessions.

Project summary reports
will be delivered via quail mail for disposal by all participants within 25 minutes post adjournment.
i will kill for my life

Christ died for yall

but my life is mine

will you hear the ' Hellow' from this side??
What is the coolest thing that happened to you today?

i did my exams and Lord knows it was the fairest
a total stranger picked my book and told me he liked my handwriting. that it was cool
Silence is the most powerful scream.
Afraid to lose you,
'cause I know
I was never good enough
for anyone else.
And no matter
what I do, I feel
the pain, with or
without you. It's
tearing at my
Now i find myself in a candlelit depression
Using sadness like drugs just to handle my aggression
It's calling, oh my obession, 
I'm suffering, the weight of confession,
I guess that I'm as much to blame and while we share the guilt,
Sorrow's tearing down the house that our love once built.
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