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Everyday there will be an opportunity to Frown or to Smile, to Drown or to Dance, to be Sad or to be Glad. It's a Choice!-RVM
For all the times that you made me feel small
I fell in love now I fear nothin' at all
I never felt so low when I was vulnerable
Was I a fool to let you break down my walls?

BULLYING isn't COOL! Its Not Okay To Pick On Someone. What If The Girl In The Hijab, Or The Geeky Boy, Or The Quiet Mysterious Kid or The Gay Boy Or Anyone You Bullied Actually Is Facing Some Real Big Problems Themselves. And You Are Just Making It Impossible For Them To Live On By Making Their Life Even Worse For Them. You Are Gonna Regret It Later. And Maybe U Wont Be Able To Forgive Urself Later On -_-

So I watch your life in pictures, like I used to watch you sleep. And I feel you forget me, like I used to feel you breathe. And I keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are. I hope it's nice where you are.



You can plan for a change in
weather and time, but I neveR
planned on you changing your mind.



so here you are; two steps ahead and staying on guard, and every lesson forms a new scar. They never thought you'd make it this far— But turn around, turn around. They've surrounded you with a showdown, and no one comes to save you now. But you've got something they don't, yeah you got something they don't. You've just gotta keep your feet ready, heart beat steady, and keep your eyes open.



New year, same me, that's the way it's always going to be. Because I try and try and try to change, but I always fall back on the same page. I'm impatient and judgemental, and I lie when it's uncalled for. This isn't my story of embracing my imperfections, I'm just giving them their needed acknowledgements. Because I'm old enough to know now, that a new year doesn't necessarily mean I'll be stepping into a new me. I'm just getting older, more mature if you say so. But at the same time, every day is a new opportunity to let go of the same old.


They never thought you'd make it this far.
That girl you just called ugly?

She spent hours trying to put on make up which you will like.

Is it really that hard to say 'You're beautiful'?

That call you just ignored from your grandma?

She pays loads of money just to call you, then what do you do?

Ignore her calls.

Is it that hard to answer it, and talk for 10 minutes?

Favourite this if you want to spread love.

People won't live forever.

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