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Joy and Bliss can come from the little and most unexpected things if only we Program our Mind to enjoy these little things. -RVM
tonight my boyfriend gave me a promise ring, a promise to stay eachothers forever. a promise to never leave eachother. a promise to love eachother through everything. i love you babe. the rest of our lives is a journey that i will never forget:)
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YOU                     CAN'T.

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Accept that you deserve
more than painful love.
Life is moving; the
healthiest thing for your
heart is to move with it.


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we are aLL Born so BeauTiFuL;
the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not.

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If you were born with the
with the strength to rise.

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I have been trying to feel the "ground thunder below my feet" for so long now, that I can feel my life fading away. I've let it slip almost voluntarily, trying to find a way to keep everything from leaking through the spaces between my fingers. It's useless, and I've finally found that out.

The things that used to excite me, now bore me. And I am aware that people call this depression, but it doesn't feel like I'm sad, I'm honestly just completely and utterly empty.

I feel happy some moments, but then they just slip out of my grasp, and I fall back to painful dullness that reduce numbing aches for something new again. I overthink life; I don't know how to take it, and experience it.

I have the desire to feel intensely again.

I'll seek you out, flay you alive. One more word and you wont survive. 
And I'm not scared,of your stolen power, see right trough you any hour.

I won't soothe your pain
I won't ease your strain

I got nothing for you to gain.

I'm taking it slow, feeding my flame

Shuffling the cards of your game.

Eyes on fire, your spine is ablaze!

Feeling any foe with my gaze.

I just want to rewind time and change the way things are..
The only reason we didn't happen is because I wasn't stable..& you deserved someone who was.
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