Quotes added on Sunday, January 3 2016

What is it we said as kids?
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."

Well as I've grown up, I've realised just how wrong that is.
Because I know I would much rather have a broken bone than hear you say you love her instead of me.
Just because I study doesn't make me a nerd. Just because I don't have a phone in my hand 24/7 doesn't mean I'm antisocial. Just because I have morals doesn't make me rude. You should take a look at your life, not mine.
"you're so selfish!"
No, I just got some respect for myself after letting people walk all over me for to long.
I stopped putting myself and my happiness last.
I became stronger.
I became healthier.
n't put me down because I didn't do something that would benefit you, but do the opposite for me.
There's a difference between being selfish, and having self respect.

It's okay for people to have bad days. It's okay for them to have a lot of those days.
What's not okay is for them to push their bad mood onto everyone else around them by being rude and snapping etc.
But that's exactly what you do. Even though I love you a lot, you're hurting me so much and I don't think I can do it anymore.

You see, I am not the person i used to be. I am not just damaged anymore, I am weathered and strong. I am not lonely anymore. I am alone by choice and i like it that way.

I am not broken hearted, those pieces have grown roots and are a part of a heart that beats stronger than you would ever know. I am not the person who begged you to stay, I am the person who doesn't want, or need you back.

Whatever it is you think you know about how i became this crooked soul, let me make one thing clear to you: your mind can't conjure anything near the hell i had to walk through.
Music makes us all feel the same things, but it takes different music to make different people feel those same things.
Sometimes I wish there was a 'clear history' button for friends
The somewhere of nowhere

dreams learned from sorrow
the room is blue
hiding from demons
a world made of nothing

Beauty magnified a thousand fold
the library is cold
hiding from love
a world made of everything

a moment of peace
the lobby is neutral
hiding from reality
we are both tied

a moment of beauty
the steps are marble
hiding from hate
where are the colors

a rainbow a memory
we stand and stare
hiding from you
friends for a day

The abused, the sorrowful, the alone,
such beauty they see.
Hiding from dreams.
Life is worth living
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