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              you came into my life so unexpectedly but
       I'm so glad that you stayed because now you are
           definately the best thing that happened to me
Have a Blast; Life won’t last! Make the Best of  the Journey before it is over! -RVM #Inspiration #Stayinspired
Life Is Too Short When You Are A Happy Person.
Life Is The Most Longest Endless Journey When You Are A Sad and Depressed Person.

live  your  life  based  on  what  other  people  think  is  important .

distance does not make the heart grow fonder.
it's more that if the heart survives the distance,
                                                       if it holds on
that's something you shouldn't give up on.

because it has been months since i left, and seeing you
just reminds me all over again how much i care and
how brilliantly you have always, a l w a y s   s h o n e .


i love people and my heart is as big as the ocean and im here for you but also how do you hold a conversation
"Never dreamed I'd be having "the talk" with my 10 yo. "Honey, we don't share our passwords with anyone, not even family. Now go change it." " Jessy

"You said you wouldn't
and you fuc//king did."


format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

Dirty, Dirty
Crimes that are
Perfectly form-fitted
to what I've Done
and what I'm Doing
I'm Brewing
and losing
and spewing infusion
and believe me
That's what all
the kids are doing.


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what Kids are doing are 
they feel like they have no
control of their
Prisoner's cell

and if you're one of them, 
you're one of me.

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