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"An organisation is like a TREE.
Its growth is measured by the height it attains and the width it covers. It is largely considered GREEN because of its leaves.
Its fruits (financial results) depend solely on its roots (leaders).
If its branch (head) is functionally weak, the same part will always complain of being laden with too many leaves (employees) but the strong will grow more."

~Anuj Somany
Jealousy n Ego is the worst makeup anyone can wear
If I could write you a song, that'll make you fall in love, I would already have you wrapped under my arm. I used to fall for your tricks. I hope that you like this. But you probably won't, because you think you're cooler than me.
They kill you for what is your.... Respect is lost
I'm not insane...the doctor confirmed my case before even asking me questions...I'm not as outrageous as they think...I've been more than reasonable.

Hate and anger are
acidic. If you hold
them in your heart
they will eat through
its walls and spill out
onto the people you


 ‘How is it so easy for you to be  kind to people?’ he asked. Milk and honey dripped from my lips as I answered, ‘Cause people have not been kind to me.’


    do not look for healing 

  aT  THe FeeT
                                of those who broke you.

You look at me and cry ‘Everything hurts’. I hold you and whisper ‘But everything can heal’.

My face billows in smoke,
I don't know how much longer i can contain it.
A chemical reaction is happening inside me,
and I'm becoming unstable.

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