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I don't want people to depend on me, because I'll mess up and disappoint them as everyone I ever depended on messed up and disappointed me.
Would you prefer to drag through life for 100 years or live with excitement for 50? -RVM 
when i was little
i wanted to be a mother
one day my cousins and i
played with water balloons
we couldnt play outside so
we played inside carful they wouldnt break
we layed the warm balloons on our stomachs
i closed my eyes and imagined i was pregnant
my cousins were confused
asking why would i imagine that
i said
can you imagine a piece of you
living and growing
that you will love unconditionally
they imagined and played to
i was still a little kid but so badly wanted this
and dreamed it and to some extent i still do



Mi Doll is AyelenMartin.

I Love Stardoll

Buenos Aires || Argentina || Kendall 

Nickelodeon, Winter, Chocolate, Dogs,
Black, Football, The Big Bang Theory, Big Time Rush, Candy, 5SOS, We Heart It, MAROON 5, Stardoll.

♬ Playlist 
Better Get To Movin - Heffron Drive
Cool For The Summer - Demi Lovato
We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
Cuise Control - Big Time Rush
Jet Black Heart - 5 S.O.S
Electrico - Carlos Pena
Lies - James Maslow


The hardest part is waking up in the morning and remembering what you tried so hard to forget last night.

I miss you like the air that I breathe, like the oxygen in my bloodstream that keeps me alive. I miss the smell of your cologne and the curve of your lips. This is not a love letter to the us that has never -nor will ever have- been. This is not a sonnet or a metaphor. I am singing praises to the shine of your hair, the bend of your wrist, the curve of your legs, the arms that are my home.

Even the things
that seem still

are always


I've cut out feelings, why? Because I'd rather be numb, the face my true emotions.

No matter the amount of negativity you've been presented with, five minutes from now could be your best moment

God, I miss the person that I used to be.
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