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Her eyes played silence like it was an instrument the world had never known.


...Starset ...
My Demons

Mayday! Mayday!
The ship is slowly sinking
They think I'm crazy
But they don't know the feeling

Everyone tells you it’s
all right to cry, but not
enough people say it’s
all right if you don’t
want people to know.


If only our bodies would
marry the beauty growing
inside them, it wouldn't
be so exhausting trying
to love ourselves.


The purpose of life is
not to just be happy.
The purpose of life,
my love, is to feel.
You must understand
that your pain is


I have become so tangled in this web of lies you have created to protect yourself from you guilt that I no longer know what is true, and I that neither do you.
Nostaligia is that annoying friend that runs their mouth about the past trying to convince you that the best of times have already passed. I'll have you know that nostalgia is nothing but a sweet liar. The golden days are just a haze of good and bad days. They weren't nearly as great as she'll have you think they were. They were just like today and yesterday. Nostaligia is a liar. You heard it here first.
As I grow older, I find a comfort in gazing at the moon and sun. Because while I'm ever changing, there they are. The same as ever. There's the sun, watching on and burning in on itself as it does, and there's the moon, covered in craters and watching me on my drive back home. It's scary growing up. But I find a comfort in knowing the sun and moon have seen it all. The rise and fall of millions of people just like me; afraid and excited to grow older. It's a weird way to find peace, but I've found it.
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