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Sanity is just lack of imagination.
Rather than wasting time on yesterday that is gone, it is better to invest your time in tomorrow that is not yet born. -RVM 

Because money without happiness is just a piece of paper....

I rather have a cat in my life than you :/ people sucks, most of them.
We are never ever ever ever going to be fine again ._.
Funny how you always come into my life when I stop caring about you, but this time it's different not only do I not care, but i'm finally over you.
"You know what the crumiest feeling you can have is? To hate the person you love best in the world"
-S.E Hinton. That Was Then, This Is Now. 
Fall in love with yourself the way you fell in love with the moon. Admire your glow. Learn to see all of your beauty–no matter what phase you’re in. 

// love yourself the way you deserve to be loved // (5/365) by (DS) 

I fear the day,
That the one I love,
The one that I put my needs aside for his,
Will slowly start to forget,
Why he ever loved me,
I fear the day

I fear the day,
That I am no longer important to him,
To be something he just will push to the side
I fear the day.

Most Importantly I fear the day,
That he'll no longer love me,
no longer have the desire to hold me
the desire to call me the one he loves,
I fear that he'll leave me for someone else,
that I'm just a passing fling,
no one he truly ever loved.
This is the day I fear the most.



\m/ HotelAlfaIndia SierraAlfaTangoNovember \m/
 ((\m/ HAIL SATAN \m/)  in military alphabet)


"In all the wonders of nature, I still can't find something more fascinating than the darkness." -Corthonyax
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