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"In His Arms" by xxhellolovelyxx is by far the best story I've read on witty along with "The Guy On Omegle" or something like that by I forgot who (sorry) but my point being these stories give me life

" just like everything else sleep is only temporary. that's
something many people don't understand. everything is only
temporary. they fall for the illusion that everything is infinite.
they seem to think that the people they trust now will be the
people who will never betray them. they like to think the people
they love now will always be there. I guess I was like that too,
a stupid fool. "

A problem-free life does not exist. If your life has no problems, you are not truly alive, and that’s a Big problem!-RVM

some people are beautiful.

not in looks.

not in what they say.

just in who they are.

i really want to be cast as a roman soldier in a history video. it would be so much fun! you get to fake stab people with your plastic sword, while screaming like a maniac.
I said goodbye, but my heart was breaking.

She whispers "I'm afraid of falling". He smiles, and said "I will catch you".

And i thought to myself, if people were rain i was drizzle and she was a hurrican
Don't want your picture
On my cell phone
I want you here with me

Don't want your memory

In my head now

I want you here with me...

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