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Life is like a dance you learn along the way. Some lead while others follow. 

Im broken
Now that you know it
Caught up in a moment
Can you see inside?
You’ll have days where you can’t shake the feeling that it is as though the world was created with everyone else but you in mind. And you’ll seek solace in every capacity, but there is no proper comfort, no inspirational words or advice, because it’s not entirely untrue — the world is inconsiderate and it stops for no one.

i never understood
telling a visibly distraught person to sleep on it because they’d feel better in the morning. That implies they are incorrect at that point, and you’re encouraging them to sleep through the night in hopes they change by morning. Sometimes the correct words are hard to find for every person, but almost always people just need to be distracted from themselves. They don’t want cliche lines or an instant fix. They need help categorizing their demons because sometimes, without warning, they all come out to play at once, and no amount of sleep in the world is going to fix that.

When someone’s sad, you can feel it, like stepping outside and being able to sense an oncoming storm; it emanates from all parts of their body. But unlike a storm it is contained, a sadness housed by bones and skin, and thankfully so, because the world could not handle the storm that is a broken heart.

If there was ever a time someone needed you most it was when they had it all together, worried only of what would become of everything when it unraveled, the tiny wisps of twine that hold a person together, temporary suspended happiness. Because coming undone isn’t the scary part, it’s waiting it out that stops your blood, knowing you’ll be unhinged again but never really knowing exactly when or how long it’ll be until you’re human again.

                                          —Lucy Quin


we don't


we don't


you're an angel disguised, will you stay awake for me? I don't wanna miss anything..
Show me the door out,
'Cause I'm leaving the way I came in with the Mess I Made.


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