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Is it
Still ME
that makes
you Sweat?
Am I
the BEST
you've ever
"Lying is the most fun a girl can have w/out taking her clothes off"
|A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

"Death of a Bachelor"
|Death of a Bachelor
There's more weed in my system than there are stars in the universe
People that say weed is bad are the same people that are getting drunk every weekend
Letting you go was beautiful, yet tragic.
My heart broke, but my mind settled knowing I wasn't going to hurt forever because of you.

I  only  write  when  I'm  falling  in  love  or  falling  apart.

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There are poems inside of me that paper can't handle.

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If your Life is full of Sorrow, then beg, steal, or borrow ENTHUSIASM from a great soul to make your Life whole. -RVM

I would die for you
and I still don't know
if you mean that much to me
or if I mean that little to myself.

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This quote does not exist.
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