Quotes added on Monday, January 25 2016

You are my one true sacrifice, it never gets old.


i made a promise, I kept it.
you made a lie, you told it.
you made a promise, you broke it.
i made a lie, i held it

i actually used to use this website religiously tho like half of my friends were on this website but now im 17 and almost done with high school anD IM SAD DONT GROW UP KIDS 
got me so impatient for you
I hate how
I'm never pretty enough
Never strong enough
Never good enough
I hate how
I lack that side of me
The one you desire me to be,
I'm trying, can't you see?
I hate how
I crave for you,
I love you,
I'd do anything for you.
I hate how
It's you I cry for,
it's you I try for,
it's you I lie for.
I hate how
I no longer see true,
I no longer breathe true,
& it's all because of you.


Dang, my poetry lately.. damn, my feels are going all kinds of ways.
This quote does not exist.
So it was all for nothing,Huh?

Hold on if you feel like letting go.....
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