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If we can be Glad .........But we choose to be Sad, we are MAD! ! !- RVM


That WITTY PROFILES is no longer the website it used to be.
This website used to be my sanctuary;
Where I could escape my reality & focus on those suffering the same.

I miss writing personal quotes & recieving so much support
from this family that I had on here.

I wish I could turn back the clocks,
back to when I stumbled upon Witty Profiles back in 2008.

BuTime  Changes Everything !  
SO If Anyone Would Like To Talk,Please Do Not Hesitate To Message Me.


I met him about two years ago. At first I never would've imagined that we'd ever get this close as we are now because he is so much older than me (it's all legal. I'm 21:P) It took a while until I was even able to have a conversation with him because I was too shy and too scared of his reaction. But once I got over this we started to spend a lot of time together getting closer and closer with each time of seeing on another. On my breaks I would always go with him and help him with his paperwork, he also paid me for working for him.
After my internship I went to the US for two months. I didn't expect us to even keep in touch or anything. But when the time came for me to leave we said goodbye to each other and he told me to message him from time to time. The first few days I was gone he called me everyday and after that we talked at least two times a week. When the time got closer to going home I was telling him that I still need to tell my parents to come pick me up at the airport. He then offered to come pick me up, which he did.
This was two months ago. Ever since then we spent almost every day together. He got his license suspended for a month and he asked me if I could drive him around for the next four weeks. I said yes because he had already done so much for me. He was always there for me no matter what, so I thought that was the least I could do for him. And since I was/am still looking for a job it wasn't as if had anything else to do anyway.
But these past week things have changed. He's been really moody and I feel as if no matter what I do or say it is wrong. It is okay for him to tell me anything he wants, but when I say something about him he gets mad. I always thought that maybe he has feelings for me too, but lately I'm not so sure about that anymore. The other day he told me that things weren't as they used to be between us. This sounded almost as if we were dating and as if he was "threatening" me that we'll stop spending so much time together.
And I trust that you'll forget me, but sometimes I pray you won't. When you're older and so much bigger than all of this, I hope you'll remember everything we went through. Remember the hard work, those rare few who helped us get to where we are now. Remember the struggle, the tears, the anxiety, and the dog days. You have to remember to appreciate what you have now, so I beg of you, remember.
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This quote does not exist.
What’s really missing for most people is not knowing exactly how to execute their ideas so that they finally become reality.
Stars are crashing in the sky
Burning just for you and I

I'd like to make myself believe,
That planet Earth turns s l o w l y,
It's hard to say I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep,
Because my dreams
are bursting at the seam

When the skies are looking bad my dear,
& your heart's lost all its hope,
after dawn there will be sunshine,
& all the dust will go

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