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If you don't like the Fruits you are growing, then change the Seeds you are sowing. -RVM 
omg okay one day I was at work and it was pretty busy but this lady wanted like 10 balloons, so I had to do them since well I'd rather do them than register. anyway, this lady was so friggin bizzare. she kept switching balloons on me when I finally got the number she wanted. then she switched the amounts. then she disappeared after they were done and I was like "that ho better not have left these balloons here I swear to GOD." anyway, she resurfaced after an hour. she was messing with the balloons. so I went over to help. she was trying to decide how many different balloon bouquets to make and which balloons to put in which one. then she tried to tie them to bird pens (yknow the fuzzy flamingo-like pens that have a bird feet cap with a suction cup?) because "omg this is totally like a stork.. sooo cutee." the, um, stork wouldn't hold the balloons down like she wanted, so she disappeared yet again. eventually resurfaced with dolls and a teether. she finally checks out, I had the balloon numbers memorized at this point so ofc it was me who rang her up. then she stays in line, whips out the dolls, and starts separating the balloons how she wants them. the entire time making conversation like "they just had another baby (mind you, I have no effing clue who 'they' are.) the LAST thing I needed was another grandkid. that makes 8. who needs that many kids? they should make it illegal to have so many. start taking them away... so anyway I'm getting a balloon bouquet for ____, she's my only true grandchild. and a balloon bouquet for the other 2 girls." during this time I'm just like "O.O!!" AND THEN she gets me to do that finger thing while she ties 3 balloons around each of the 3 dolls. which is really awkward and I didn't even think that was a real thing, just something in cartoons. now she is going on about a couple in harrisburg who just had their kids taken away and how they had like 10. and I'm thinking she's done. then boom, she whips out the teether, opens the packaging, and gets me to tie the singular balloon to it (well, she tied, I just used my finger.) eventually she leaves me with this pile of trash to clean up and she didn't even give me a review. GUYS, literally from the time I blew up the balloons, til the time she left, 2hrs had passed.
Don't fall in love with the wrong people
Don't fall in love with people
Don't fall in love
Don't love
I would like to do a following spree. If you want me to follow you just click the follow button and I promise I will follow you back. You have my word. ☺️
“Life's greatest tragedy is not that it will someday end, but that most only live to follow directions and sometimes we end up totally lost.” 
― Alex Gaskarth
“I earned my place,
With the tidal waves.
I can't escape this feeling,
That something ain't right.

I called my name
As I crashed the gates,
Still I can't escape this feeling
That something ain't right.” 
― All Time Low
"No matter how much you've worked so hard to be as successful as you are, there will always be those ignorant haters who don't understand."- Jinxx

I'd be lying if I told you
                                                     losing you was something I could handle.
Dont they get it? Its all  fake
fake  smiles fake laugh
everything. I dont remember

thelast time I was truly happy. Thats 
all I want is to be  happagain.
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