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do you ever just stalk a past.. thing (relationship, crush, etc) and get this weird feeling? like I am sad but I'm not. I am jealous but of weird stuff. I'm happy for them but not really? it's like a "oh, you broke my heart except I don't really know if it was love anyway.. glad to know you are happy and now living with the girl you broke up with me for, and essentially doing everything we talked about.. that I don't really look for in life anymore, but your life has still progressed more than mine." kinda thing.

a lady came in to work the other day. she had her kids with her. they looked pretty young. if I had to guess I'd say the oldest was fourteen. anyway, she was in buying some black hair dye, and the one girl was excitedly talking about how she was going to be dying half her head black, and half bright red. the mom was really into it and supportive, too. (then I popped out of the office because I'm nosey, and they were oogling my hair.. which looks like crap because I haven't touched it up in forever.) and it's just so nice to see supportive parents instead of ones that take things like hair way too seriously, and refuse to give their kids creative freedom over certain parts of their body (I mean, not for fourteen year olds getting tattooed- age limits for reasons, but cmon it is hair. it grows back if the worse case scenario happens.) I hope my kids want bright colored hair one day, if I choose to pro-create.
Enjoy the Bliss of just Being…Without being dependent on anything! -RVM‪#‎Inspiration‬ ‪#‎Stayinspired‬
Experiencing The Beauty Of Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most ecstatic places in the country with a never ending sense of energy and excitement mounting over the enthusiastic people of the city. Mumbai is stated as the city that never sleeps and the words are rightfully placed to describe the regular life of the city and its people. A weekend in Mumbai is a proper gateway to loosen up the week’s long and busy schedule, making room for a little bit of entertainment. Relaxing with friends and family, going to some nice place to eat good food and roaming around the city streets are some of the many things that surely let one come close to the heart of the city. The street foods of Mumbai have by far made their own mark in the world with great taste of spice and mouth watering smells.

Some of the major places in Mumbai that can be a proven to be the place of worship for food lovers like Mohammed Ali road, Gulshan-e-Iran at Crawfort market, Noor Mohmaddi at Bhendi Bazaar and many more. The city is surrounded by fast food joints and so will let your taste buds keep rolling all day long. ExperienceBoxes.com lets you find the most delicious places around the city with their experienced guides and friendly travel experts.

A walk through the roads along the coast line of the city with friends might also be a great time to spend. The marine drive seems to put forward a sketchy illustration of the sea and the waves with soft winds blowing all day long will help you relax all day’s tiredness. The Worli sea link also provides ample scope to cherish the flavor of long drives with friends in a car all along the sea line.

A day’s visit to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrhalaya is the best and biggest museum in Mumbai. The architectural structure of the museum includes the flavor of Indian, Islamic and British architectural designs all round it. The Indo-Saracenic design has been made by architect George Wittet. The museum holds the collection of hindu and Buddhist paintings and terracotta figures all across its pathways.

The weekend trip by ExperienceBoxes.com includes the experience of the busiest place in the city, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The place gives a realization of the gothic buildings and monuments of ancient Indian culture. Previously named Victoria terminus is later changed the name to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in 1998. The design of this place is being done by Frederick Stevens and is completed by 1887. The first train from this site has been started almost 34 years after the completion of the terminus. The place has been listed as one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO and this increases the all over popularity of the place in international boundaries as well.

ExperienceBoxes.com helps you to take all your hectic mindset all along the busy week and makes your weekends the most beautiful days in which you can just let go yourself.
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the stars make love to the universe


    & all i feel
in my stomach is butterflies,  
the beautiful kind, making up for lost time
taking flight,
making me feel right

 Use the sleeves of my sweater,
Let's have an adventure,
  Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered

just do whatever you want. i don't care anymore. we are done.
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i'm running away from the
days that made me unstable,
you and me...


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