Quotes added on Friday, February 12 2016

"How do you know when its over?" " Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories than with the person standing in front of you."
boy: lets get naked
me: which palette
You deserve someone who is obsessed with you..
Anything less just isn't worth your time.
Some escape to LIVE. Some LIVE to escape. -RVM  
me: *thrashes around* SOMEONE TALK TO ME
someone: h
me: aaha.. fr.ien..d... i was j-just kid..din.g.. hah..a....

Wow. Some boys.
Got me like;

When I held her, and I kissed her, I meant it. 
I poured myself into her..  A glass with a hole. I meant nothing.

She was sand through my fingers, I held onto the grains for as long as I could until my hands were empty.


Water a pool of people we know and dont. Blood Family that we have known our intire lifes. Blood is thicker then Water , But when they mix they become equal.
Philophobia: the fear of falling in love.

In the end
only kindness matters

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