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She wore blue velvet

Bluer than velvet 
was the night

Softer than satin
was the light

From the stars

Are you
Are you
Coming to the tree
Where I told you to run
so we'd both be free

I feel like
part of me has
loved you since the
beginning of time.
Maybe we're from  the
same star

"Why don't you do yourself a favor and go to the gift shop and buy yourself a mug, t-shirt, or a personality" ā€“NCIS
This quote does not exist.

You're my bright
blue sky.
You're the sun
in my eyes.


Darling hold me in your arms
The way you did last night
And We'll die inside for a Little
While here. I could look

Into you eyes until the sun comes
Up and we're wrapped in light and
Life and love. Put your open lips on mine
and slowly let them shut, for they're

designed to be together as one. 
With your body next to mine our hearts
will beat as one And we'll
set alight
we're afire love.

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