Quotes added on Thursday, February 18 2016

uggghhh only way you can date is if you have a job or going to school , no body wants someone that doesnt work or doesnt go to school :/ but i got everything i could ever ask for , i dont wanna work i dont wanna go to school ...
maybe it's time to finally say goodbye.

back up,


Did you Forget EVERYTHING?

I'd like
to be
my old
self again,

But I'm
still trying
God only knows what I'd be without you
I try to refrain, but you're stuck in my brain

Everytime you Shine,

Shine for you


The silence is deafening,
and the music is a white noise
that aids the Ones i don't want here.
Am I forever lost?
The waves deafen, and the tides destroy.
Lost in the sea of haunted bliss.
Hey everyone.
This website is giving out free yoga gear to launch their new website

It's actually legit and who doesn't like free things like yoga pants, socks, and mats??

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