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My bedroom smells like rotten food and i guess so do i.....
Don't lose today …for today is guaranteed but tomorrow is not.-RVM
Friendly reminder to play outside today. Climb a tree. Walk your dog. Jump in a puddle. Enjoy life.

»Top 10 Challenge«

Day One - 10 favorite TV shows- (1)Teen Wolf (2) Supernatural (3) Doctor Who (4) Sherlcok (5)Bitten (6)Being Human (7)American Horror Story (8) Jessica Jones (9) The Vampire Diaries (10) Parks and Rec 
Day two - 10 favorite movies- (1)The Maz Runner (2)The Scorch Trials (3)The Internship (4)Pineapple Express (5)Guardians of the Galaxy (6)Divergent (7)Insurgent (8)FirstTime (9)Great Gatsby (10)21 Jump Street
Day Three - 10 facts about yourself
Day Four - 10 favorite baby names for boys
Day Five- 10 favorite baby names for girls
Day Six - 10 favorite foods
Day Seven - 10 favorite drinks
Day Eight - 10 favorite desserts
Day Nine - 10 favorite book series
Day Ten - 10 favorite novels
Day Eleven - 10 favorite actors
Day Twelve - 10 favorite actresses
Day Thirteen - 10 celebrity crushes
Day Fourteen - 10 favorite bands or singers
Day Fifteen- 10 favorite fictional characters
Day Sixteen - 10 favorite songs at the moment
Day Seventeen - 10 things you wanted to be when you “grew up”
Day Eighteen - 10 favorite sports or hobbies
Day Nineteen - 10 things you can’t leave the house without
Day Twenty - 10 things on your bucket list
Day Twenty-One - 10 websites you visit often
Day Twenty-Two - 10 physical characteristics you look for in a partner
Day Twenty-Three - 10 personality traits you look for in a partner
Day Twenty-Four - 10 favorite games
Day Twenty-Five - 10 things you do when you’re bored
Day Twenty-Six - 10 things you love about yourself
Day Twenty-Seven - 10 things you wish you could change about yourself
Day Twenty-Eight - 10 regrets
Day Twenty-Nine - 10 wishes
Day Thirty - 10 places you want to visit

long have i searched for,that castle in the sky, but the times i have failed,overbear my soul,but now i'm back, to were i was always,always meant to belong.

The end always comes in an instant
yet can haunt us for all eternity

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