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I don't need directions. Let me get lost.
Spanish: Tengo los ojos irritados de tanto extrañarte.
English: I have my eyes irritable from missing you alot. 
Instead of trying to understand Life, we must live it. Create a reason to Live and progress on that path every day.-RVM
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That moment when you see twins fighting and one of them calls the other one ugly.
And then you gotta tell their parents about that but you're not sure who is who.

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When you're hungry and your mom calls you for dinner but the temperature of the food is over 1000 oC.
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I don't know what is more annoying, Barbie's voice, spams on G+ and FB, cancerous YouTube comments like "WHO IS WATCHING ON NOVEMBER?" or my younger siblings? That's really hard to decide.
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If music wasn't a thing, world would have been the most boring place ever like 18,597,304,723,410,349,357,018,401,401,340,237,401,371,741,375,802,975,237,591 times in my life. Really.
Love Knows 
no boundaries
“Some things you can never leave behind.
They don't belong to the past.
They belong to you.” 
There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you’d better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you’ll never understand what it’s saying.

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   Meeting your soul mate is like walking into a house you’ve been in before - you will recognize the furniture, the pictures on the wall, the books on the shelves, the contents of drawers; you could find your way around in the dark if you had to.

I want a soulmate who can sit me down, shut me up, tell me ten things I don’t already know, and make me laugh. I don’t care what you look like, just turn me on. And if you can do that, I will follow you on bloody stumps through the snow… I will do your windows. I will care about your feelings. Just have something in there.

                                 —Henry Rollins


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