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you are stupid!!

if you think its easy trusting you when each of my friends have all this kinds of stories about you yet i choose to take your side then you show me how egocentric you can get

you are stupid!!

and you lost the only friend i later found out i was!!


team: I had a dream that was stellar at the
time but turned out to be quite bad for me. 
who says nothing is possible? I've been doing it for years.
I really want to rent a movie
but I don't want to pay the $4. 
     Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your 

  Sometimes in the shower I look  

down at my hands and tell myself I’m going to be an entirely different person that day, as if it was as simple as washing yourself down the drain. Sometimes I look up at the shower head and remember a time when my mother coaxed me into getting showers by telling me water came out of the spigot because there was an elephant spraying water from its trunk on the other side of the wall.

I don’t remember time passing but all of the sudden my hands got so big. The days all seem to run together like the adjoining tracks of a train, and it’s only when I stop to notice the distance from point A to point B that I realize how much space has elapsed, how I’ll never again be quite small enough to hide behind a laundry basket and I’ll never be big enough to occupy the space in someone’s heart.

The water rolls awkwardly along my knuckles, the right one is scabbed because I get angry and a lot of the time words just won’t do. It’s just that sometimes skin and bones feel more like a prison than a home and to try to convey that to someone who doesn’t know how it feels to house an entire hurricane in their body is impossibly frustrating. It’s like trying to accurately describe a dream as it slips further and further away, only to be later recalled in bursts. It is a fear of mine, a time when people will remember me in bursts. But I am most frightened of a time when I will only be able to recollect my life in bursts.

Once upon a time
I was struck by lightning,
all of my veins were pulled
one by one through my skin
and out of my body
through the base of my skull.
They were used for jump ropes
to occupy those who could not stand
to watch the human body be dismantled
without the proper occasional distraction.

My teeth formed an orchestra,
chattering in beat to some minor chord.
My hands became fish
and swam soundlessly off of my wrists.
Not to be outdone,
my feet ran away from my body,
chasing after my fish hands.
They raced off into another dimension.

It was impossible to see who won,
just then my eyes rolled down
the silhouette of my body
like a gumball in one of those machines
where they spiral for a few moments
before reaching the bottom.
I went to scream but
my lips were on fire
and my tongue thrashed helplessly about
trying to put out the flames.

And that’s when I began to fall apart.
Every single part of my body
abandoned me.
My brain fashioned a shank
out of my skull and cut itself to freedom.
My temporal lobe stuck its tongue out
as they abandoned ship.
Only my heart stuck around,
beating louder and louder
to remind me it’s the only thing
to ever have complete faith in.

—Lucy Quin

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my love, leave yourself
BeHInD; BeaT InsIDe me,


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Though my love is rare, though my love is true... I'm like a bird, I only fly away. I don't know where my soul is, I don't know where my home is.

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- Pedro Arrupe


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