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you should never let a fool kiss you,

and never let a kiss fool you.

Don't you know? You're really gonna be someone.
I'm Sorry
For Missing you..
I'm Sorry
For wanting to make you happy..
I'm Sorry
For annoying you with my love..
I'm Sorry
For loving you too much..
You wanted happiness, I can’t blame you for that

And maybe a mouth sounds idiotic
when it blathers on about jo
but tell me you love this

Tell me youre not miserable
I don't get how you can be all sweet to my face, and shine that big happy smile, and teach me fun party tricks. Then when you think I'm not there, to my friends, you start acting like the biggest dïck. I know about the 'playful' name calling, and pushing of boundaries, so tomorrow when you come up to me saying sorry, you'll have another thing coming. If you like me, that's great, and you don't have to like my friends, but you do need to treat them with the same amount of dignity and respect.
I can still see you,
this ain't the best view:
on the outside, looking in.

& I've been a lot of lonely places,
I've never been on the outside.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
Isn't it weird how in The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric's dog couldn't speak but all the sea animals could?
This quote does not exist.
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