Quotes added on Friday, March 18 2016

"I still remember the days I prayed
for the things I have now."


squeeze her hand in public
and her throat in private

I have given my heart to people who only wanted my body.
I have given my love to people who are still only capable of "like".
I have treated boys like they were my man.
I have called jokers my king.
I have put people first who I am always second to.
I have given the world to people who don't even deserve a city.
I have thought the world of people who only think the world of themselves.
I have held people close to my chest who ran over my heart.
I would love to blame "people" for doing all of these things to me,
but I have to realize that every hurtful thing that I've written starts with "I".
i'm thankful for every failed relationship
I made it out of with out a baby.
I couldn't care less if we stop talking.
Remember at one point I didn't even know you,
It can go back to that.
Kinda wish someone would just look me in the eyes
& just hug me.. I've been hurting for the longest man I just
need a hug..
I don't want to get back into a relationship until I know it's gonna be something solid. I'll be single before I look stupid again..

"I don't chase people anymore. I learned that I'm here, and I'm important. I'm not going to run after people to prove that I matter."

We'll all paint wings on a demon if we want them bad enough.
My goal is to be filthy rich.
Rich in knowledge.
Rich in adventure.
Rich in laughter.
Rich in health.
Rich in family.
Rich in love.
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