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The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Birds, the Animals, the Flowers, are all proof that a Universal Power exists. -RVM 

Just because my eyes are open, doesn't mean they see.

I'm leaving my heart out on the table today to see who will pick it up.

I don't trust you not to tear me up inside.I don't trust you not to destroy me with four words: "I'm leaving for good" I don't trust you with my heart knowing what you can do but my heart trusts you.

Well this is weird, I spend so much of my time with you and I've sat down and realised I've never written for you- And I write for pretty much everyone! So here's to you, my sister, my bestest friend. I'll never tell you I think of you as a best friend, you'd roll your eyes and say something along the lines of 'I'm not your friend, I'm just your sister, and that's because I have no choice.' Ah, Tweens, they're so loving and have a remarkable way with words. Nah, this is just banter, but you would really say something like that, but it's okay. Your brutal honesty is what I love second about you. Yes, second, because what I love most is how I can be an annoying, clingy loser of a sister and you would still stick by me. You believe in me, and put up with my antics, and I love you for it. So thank you for being my friend when I didn't have any, and thank you for being my sister, because believe it or not, you do have a "choice" in the matter of sisterhood.

My perfect day has nothing to do with the weather or what I'm doing. My perfect day is whenever I'm with you.
Okay so long story short I had a teacher who temporarily lost her memory, and I have this running joke when I haven't seen someone in a while I ask them "Do you remember me?!" And today I out did myself. My teacher payed us a visit since she's feeling better after an accident she had, and like a massive idiot, I was like, "Hey, Miss! Do you remember us?" And before I had even realised what I had said, literally every person in my bio class turns and gives me a look that pretty much says 'you dip shìt why would you say that, I thought you were smart, that was not needed you are so insensitivie, oh my God, you did noooot!' I shirvelled up and got really defensive when she left but I find it hilarious now. She didn't mind because it's a joke I have said to her before her accident, but the glares I got were insane and kinda hysterical. 
I had to get over [him]. For months now, a stone had been sitting on my heart. I'd shed a lot of tears over [him], lost a lot of sleep, eaten a lot of cake batter. Somehow, I had to move on. [Life] would be hell if I didn't shake loose from the grip he had on my heart. I most definitely didn't want to keep feeling this way.


Please Someone go and tell her that I am dying with without her, tell her that I am dying for her.
Please Someone go and tell her that I am dying with without her, tell her that I am dying for her.
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