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 This makes my brain so trippy. But I like it. ( this text style ) 




When I give you my time, I am giving you the portion of my life that I will never get back. So please don't make me to regret it.
maybe it's not about falling in love with a guy, maybe it's about falling in love with yourself

I know you.I know your smiles like they are another language, the brave face you put on when you hurt and the lantern grin of pure ecstasy.I know your eyes, endless pools of emotion to lose yourself in.You're my closest friend and my greatest fear because its okay that I know you...But you SAW me and stayed. And nobody has known ME before...

Every single night you wanted to cry or punch something because of you being stupid or someone hurting you, every lie is in you. You can't erase a memory.

t you can push it to the back of your mind in box with a giant DO NOT OPEN sign. You can pretend it doesn't hurt anymore. ..
It's hard to describe but I have this thing where I'm warm, but unapproachable. So maybe 'the bad guys' were never the bad guys, and I just scared them all away. Maybe they weren't the problem.
maybe we were too similar. maybe we loved each other so much that we were like parallel lines, and we both know they can never meet.

i feel you in my bones. your
                       silence screams in my ears.


     I do not believe anyone can be perfectly well who has a brain 
 & a HeaRT.

With the brain in the chest and heart in the head
To think; with love and love with more intelligence

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