Quotes added on Thursday, March 31 2016

You can't make someone be ready for what
you're ready for, and you're not obligated to wait
around for them to make up their mind.

If I died today would you be satisfied with the last
conversation we had? Let that sink in.



As you may have heard, all of Justin Bieber's meet and greets have been
cancelled. I'm from Australia, travelling half way across the globe in June
to attend 6 shows, two of which are I'll Show You packages and one is an
Ultimate package. I've paid close to
$5000aud for these tickets and now
I won't even be meeting Justin! 

If you have a second, could you please
sign this petition to fight for partial
for the meet and greet that is no longer being provided. I seriously
need all the help I can get. 

The only option I have right now is to keep my ticket and pay a ridiculous
amount for a seat and some merchandise, or to get a full refund and forfeit
my seat to a completely sold out show.


I'm stuck in between
a nightmare
and lost dreams.

Are you ever completely split between
wishing you had never met someone
and wishing you could re meet them
again and do it all differently?

I remember the first time you kissed me
you told me that you had been wanting to
do that for a while. I constantly wonder
if you had thought that when you left me
God bless the woman who just wants to be better,
do better, feel better; who refuses to give up despite
the hell she experiences on earth.
I want a "just checking in" kind of love.
a "baby did you eat today?" kind of love.
a "you're the first person I told" kind of love.
an "I gotta kiss you before you leave" kind of love.
an "I love you" before we say bye kind of love.
an"I noticed that you need this so I got it for you" kind of love.
a "we're not going to bed til we've made up" kind of love.
a wipe my tears away kind of love.
a nonstop joke fest until I smile again kind of love.
a goofy smile when I walk in the room kind of love.
a hold me until my panic attack passes kind of love.
a rub my back after work kind of love.
I just want to feel completely, totally, truly loved.
Missing someone, they say, is self-centered.
I self-center you more than ever.

That's how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can't experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too.

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