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People are like pistachios. Some of them open up easily, but there are others who need to be really broken to get into.- RVM 
when someone working extra hard to get at it all night and you finally give in and it wasnt even all that ..
lets just stop drop everything forget each others names and walk away
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been drinking about you 



lowkey miss you, highkey know im better than this 


This is who I am,
right here,
right now,
all right?
All that counts is here and now,
and this is me!

Besides, let’s be honest – everyone is afraid of the depressed. Even the ones who love us. People can’t stand to be around you when there’s a funeral in your head.

 I wish for the same thing I’ve hoped for since the beginning. I wish for a life so brave, so unpredictable, so full of unexpected joys and unforgettable love that no box could possibly contain all my memories.

I was tired of men. Hanging in doorways, standing too close, their smell of beer or fifteen-year-old whiskey. Men who didn't come to the emergency room with you, men who left on Christmas Eve. Men who slammed the security gates, who made you love them then changed their minds. Forests of boys, their ragged shrubs full of eyes following you, grabbing your breasts, waving their money, eyes already knocking you down, taking what they felt was theirs. It was a play and I knew how it ended, I didn't want to audition for any of the roles. It was no game, no casual thrill. It was three-bullet Russian roulette.
     — Janet Fitch, White Oleander

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